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When Time is Nevermore

Posted by Linda on April - 9 - 2016

            No one really knows if we will wake up tomorrow to live another day; how long we have together, to love and be loved, to experience and give kindness or to share ourselves completely with another person. To put aside our ‘should haves and regrets,’ real life always has  [ Read More ]


Posted by Linda on March - 26 - 2016

                I am a fleeting light A momentary aura glowing in glance Swirling and dancing in enchantment Flowing in and out of a mirage of golden threads Into the night of once upon a time. Rivers run lightly as I waver in the wind Weaving and fluttering through  [ Read More ]

Speaking in Tongues

Posted by Linda on March - 6 - 2016

            We create and define words Revise the sensations to our deeds Our hearts become silent painters As our minds rumble and speak in tongue. It wasn’t the wind, the fire or the rain That aligned our comfort with such notions But the chanting of the unknown Declaring our freedom  [ Read More ]


Posted by Linda on March - 5 - 2016

            You’re a distant traveler With companions by your side To coffee shops and bar room hops In search for the mystified. Where strangers become lovers Where loneliness collides By the holy and the guilty Singing songs of the great divine. With a smile you lure the ladies Toss your  [ Read More ]

Shadow Symphonies

Posted by Linda on February - 14 - 2016

            Among the shadowed symphonies Where music and light Dance I spread my wings Enchanting feathers In tune Where darkness plays with light Intertwining Flowing Defining and everlasting Radiant and boundless Without imagining or wishing I am © Linda Moon   Artist Unknown 2 people like this post. Like

Prisoner of Words

Posted by Linda on January - 17 - 2016

            They held each other close Like a blanket of stars within the sky. She wanted to tell him of her love But her words were like prisoners Held down under her tongue Unable to escape beyond her lips. As he released her warm body, His presence faded into the  [ Read More ]

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